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Taking a Stand: Support Israel's Mission to Safeguard the World – Hamas = ISIS 

Welcome to our fundraising campaign dedicated to providing essential basic equipment for the brave soldiers on the frontline. These courageous individuals risk their lives every day to protect our nation, and they deserve our support.


Your donation will directly contribute to purchasing vital equipment that ensures their safety and effectiveness in the field. From protective gear to communication devices, every item plays a crucial role in their mission. With your help, we can bridge the gap between their needs and available resources.


By equipping our soldiers with the necessary tools, we empower them to face challenges head-on, protecting themselves and our communities. Your contribution will make a tangible difference in their daily lives, giving them the confidence to carry out their duties with optimal efficiency.


Join us in this important cause. Together, let's show our gratitude and stand in solidarity with our soldiers on the frontline. Your donation will make a direct impact on their well-being and effectiveness. Support our troops by donating now and help ensure they have the essential equipment they need to fulfill their mission.
** 100% of the funds are used for this purpose! we are purely volunteers from all over Israel.  
עומרי שפי מודים לחיילים.| support israel |donation



About the team:

A social community led by Alex Zalmanovich, with  70,000 members in Israel (see online: Zooga).  Some ware killed, some have young children that were killed.
We decided to help in any way we can and support our troops in the frontline in their mission to free the world from Hamas before it will spread and kill more innocent women and children.  

Feel free to send me messages or call:
Israeli line: +972-54-7702620
US line: +1-212-920-4290

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